The C@P Program stands for the Community Access Program.

This program was started in 1995 and brought computer and Internet technologies to Canadians across the country.

We are partnered  with NS Department of Economic, Rural Development & Tourism, through the Nova Scotia C@P Network.

Iona C@P Site is part of the Victoria County Network of 9 C@P Sites called Victoria County C@P Sites Association. We are one of the 209 C@P Sites located in Nova Scotia.

Donations are graciously accepted for computer and internet usage… most folks donate $2.00 up to 1 hour of usage. These donations help us to pay for equipment refresh, ink, paper, supplies and equipment.

We are a non-profit, volunteer organization registered with Nova Scotia Joint Stocks and have been operating and maintaining the Iona C@P Site since 1998.

Board Chair: Elizabeth MacNeil

Currently, we are a seasonal Site, which means we are open to the public from June – Aug. If services are needed in the off-season we can be reached by email at donna@vccaps.com or contact Rankin School of the Narrows – 725-2210 and ask for Elizabeth.

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