Community Showcase

    This summer VCCAPS has created a Community Showcase Feature for the Central Cape Breton area in partnership with Iona C@P Site. The C@P Site worked with local businesses and organizations to create projects that help to showcase the organization, our area and our history and heritage.

View the videos that were created as part of this project:

Our first feature comes courtesy of Rod C. MacNeil, of Barra Glen. He shared with us the story of how the railway came to central Cape Breton.

Our second feature is a two piece video on Clan MacNeil Atlantic Provinces which is celebrating its 30th anniversary as an organization this summer. Congratulations to everyone involved from VCCAPS!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Our third installment comes once again courtesy of Rod C. MacNeil. He shared with us the story of the settlement of the Barra Strait.

Our newest addition is an interview with local historian and author Jocelyn Bethune, of Baddeck. Jocelyn has ties to Benacadie also. She recently wrote “Historic Baddeck”

If you are a part of a community group interested in becoming involved in the Community Showcase Feature please contact us at:

One thought on “Community Showcase

  1. Thanks for interviewing Rod McNeil. His recount of the arrival of the railway through the Grand Narrows region was very helpful in my research into the area’s postal history.

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